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23 Jan William’s Fund

William Dodd was only 2 years old when he was diagnosed witih cancer, it was given various names as the weeks turned into months but they never found out the exact type of cancer William had … all that was known is that he had every treatment he could have had.  The family were lucky that their oncologists had experience and contacts in the US and they knew that expertise was sought from all the major oncology centres; however nobody could help because no one knew exactly what the tumour was.

Something many people do not know is that the key to treatment of cancer, especially in childhood cancers, lies in the diagnosis.  Without that the prognosis is poor.  Childhood cancers behave in a very different way to adult cancers; they respond differently to treatment and can be unpredictable in both positive and negative ways.

William’s Fund was estabished in February 2001 in memory of William Dodd, who died on December 12, 2000 at the age of 4 years and 9 months.  William amazed everyone at how he coped, always smiling with a twinkle in his eye and that won so many hearts.  Since William died, the fund has raised over £565,000 for The Childhood Cancer Research Fund.

The William Dodd Foundation Research Post in Oxford has just been confirmed and William’s Fund aim to fund these researchers for the foreseeable future.  Dr Mitchell, who was William’s consultant, is running the research programme, which is very specific to childhood cancer; he has no funding other than charitable donations and no official fundraisers.  ALL the profits raised by William’s Fund go directly into the research programme.  There are no paid employees and administration is all voluntary.

There are, of course, many big charities concerned with cancer, but most are focused on adult forms and this may not help the children.

William inspired this fundraising and it is a fitting tribute to him to continue in his name.  Please help this vital research.

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