UK Estate Agents and the tricks they get up to

30 May UK Estate Agents and the tricks they get up to

Estate agents are not the most loved part of the population – and unfortunately, sometimes their bad reputation is well deserved.

A recent article in the Daily Telegraph talked about some of the unscrupulous tricks of some UK Estate Agents. These included taking down the boards of other agents for example, which, believe it or not, we experience too. One of my other personal favourites is badmouthing of competitors.

Celeb property expert Sarah Beeny is quoted in the article as saying “For bad estate agents, the low-cost online model is a real threat, and they are hopping mad about it.” And this is the problem, the more hopping mad these agents are, the more they are likely to badmouth online agents.

Because these days house-hunting is no longer done through driving through street after street looking for For Sale boards, nor is it done by peering into UK Estate Agent’s windows. It’s primarily done online.

And here’s is the crunch: by selling through an online agent you get a much lower cost (there are no branded premises to pay for) yet you don’t lose out on any of the benefits of using a really good bricks-and-mortar agent – expert local knowledge and a commitment to do the best for you.

Sarah Beeny goes on to say that “in two years’ time, we’ll be laughing at the fact that we didn’t sell via online estate agents.”

So, if your bricks-and-mortar UK Estate Agent is bad-mouthing others, you may want to think about why they are making such a fuss.

Other tricks to watch out for from unscrupulous UK estate agents:


  • Not being upfront, clear and honest about the agreement you are making. Have they hidden any charges in the small print? What are their cancellation fees like if you wish to terminate your agreement?


  • Offering you a “priority viewing” or “prioritised offers” in return for signing up to other services.


  • Not being honest about the realistic sale price – convincing you that your home could be marketed at a price much higher than you’re actually likely to receive in offers, and then blame the market when they don’t come through.


  • Promising that they have a list of buyers ready to go on their books for exactly your type of property – when they don’t.


  • Persuading a seller to up the price days before the exchange, when a buyer will be unlikely to want to pull out.


At Place we will don’t believe in badmouthing or any unscrupulous practices. We keep calm and get on with our job – our testimonials speak for themselves, read them here. Want to make sure that you’re using one of the best UK Estate Agents? Call us on 01494 873663 if you’re thinking of buying a House in Chalfont St Peter, Chalfont St Giles, Gerrards Cross, Rickmansworth or Beaconsfield. We’d be happy to help.

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