Top 10 Property Turn Offs – and how to avoid them

15 Jul Top 10 Property Turn Offs – and how to avoid them

Buying a home is very personal and while you can’t be expected to read the minds of your potential buyers when your home is on the market, you’d be surprised how many potential buyers are turned off by the same things, some of which are quite easy to avoid.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 property turn-offs that could cost you a sale.

Lack of a Garden

Or an overgrown garden. Not that much you can do about the first one, but the second needn’t be a deal breaker. By having an overgrown garden you’re making it look as if it’s too hard to upkeep. Most buyers will want to stamp their look on the garden anyway, so you needn’t spend hundreds of pounds landscaping, just tidy it up.  If you haven’t got a garden at all, prettify any other outside areas such as patios to make it look inviting – with a charming garden chair or

Woodchip Wallpaper

It’s such a pain to get off and expensive to hire someone to do it, so woodchip wallpaper sits pretty high on the list. Why? Because it reminds us of a time when flares were popular and miniskirts were the height of rebellion. A long, long time ago!

Decorative Fads

In fact, any decorated paintwork such as rag rolling, sponge dabbing or stenciling are off-putters. The same goes for artex ceilings, best to get rid!

Decorative Fads Part Two

This is closely followed by coloured bathroom suites. Brown, avocado, blue and pink bathroom suites were in fashion several decades ago. These days they are a serious threat to the successful sale of your home. Best to keep the colour for the towels and bathmats, and have white fixtures and fittings. Outdated bathrooms, and kitchens as well for that matter, are a big turn off.

Strip Lighting

Another item that is simply too old-fashioned, usually found in a kitchen. Remember when you went to the school disco and the lights came on at the end? They’re a bit like that.

Mirrored Ceilings

Or mirrors in strange places. These are a definite turn off. Best to take these down or risk losing your buyer!


The same goes for a room that has been themed in a particular style. It’s unlikely to suit the next owner of the home. And if it’s not in keeping with the rest of the house, it could represent a headache that they buyer is simply not willing to take on.


Huge floral wallpaper and 70s style bright patterned carpets are a definite no-no. Apart from the fact that hardly anyone likes them, they also make a room look much smaller.

Smells and Stains

Never quite painted over that stain on the kitchen ceiling when the bath overflowed? Even though it’s not a sign of a problem, it will put off a buyer. As will smoke stains and stained walls. The smell of stale smoke, pets or stale food will also put off all but the most desperate of buyers.

Dirt and clutter

Is a pretty obvious one. How will a buyer see the potential of your home if they can’t see it properly? A buyer wants to imagine living there when they view a home – if it’s dirty and unkempt they won’t bother.

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