Social Media is Selling Houses …

08 May Social Media is Selling Houses …

The days of estate agency High Street offices being full of home seekers is gone and lots of agents are left with expensive and under utilised premises that act as no more than advertising hoardings, largely ignored by the public who now want to access information in the ways and at the times that suit them.

Social media is a huge phenomenon with more messages now taking place daily on Facebook than there are emails being sent around the world! Twitter is proving a superb medium for communication due to its ease of use, brevity and ability to use on the move. In fact mobility is becoming one of the key factors in online marketing as, by 2015, more than 50% of internet access will be from a mobile device such as a smartphone, iPad or laptop.

Major property websites such as Rightmove now have around 90% of the available property for sale on their site and also operate a mobile website, specifically optimised for use from mobile devices.

The use of video is increasing and where included on an agent website, is helping drive traffic and generate enquiries.

Sarah Cassidy, Managing Director at Place Estate Agents said: “At Place we are not constrained by “office hours” or the costs of redundant premises. We are therefore able to dedicate more time and resources to actually working with our clients and customers to get the results they seek.

Nearly all of our enquiries come from our online marketing and many of our calls are received outside of the traditional 9-5 routine

We use social media, email, telephone and internet to communicate with our customers and technology frees us the time to actually meet customers and get  to understand their requirements better. We use technology such as the iPad to demonstrate the ways in which we market property and our own website is constantly being updated to ensure that it is fresh, accurate and generating opportunities for our clients.”

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