Selling your home: How to spruce up your garden for a spring sale

28 Apr Selling your home: How to spruce up your garden for a spring sale

First impressions count and not just when you’re meeting people. Gardens create an important first impression of a property. An attractive outdoor space can add thousands to the selling price of your home, while an unloved plot can knock money off and scare away potential buyers.

Spring is the best time of year to sell a house – and to show off your garden. So pull on a pair of heavy-duty gloves, dust off the mower and follow these tips to transform your garden into a feature that will make your home more appealing.

Boost kerb appeal: Make sure your front garden is tidy as it will be the first and last thing potential purchasers see. Weed flower beds, mow the lawn and clip hedges. Before buyers arrive check for any rubbish that might have blown in from the street and remove any pet poo from the lawn and paths.

Tame unruly trees and shrubs: Overgrown trees and bushes could put off buyers if they block views and light from the inside of the house. Keeping trees and shrubs pruned and removing any dead branches also shows that the property is well maintained.

Quick flower fixes: Large containers, troughs and decorative pots are an easy way to add a splash of colour to patios and at front and back doors – and you can take them with you when you move. Give dull and dreary flower beds an instant lift by placing pots of flowering bulbs under the soil. They can always be lifted up later and replaced with bedding plants. Finally, spread bark chippings or mushroom compost over beds to give them a well-tended look.

Uproot nasty weeds: Invasive plants or climbing weeds might put off green-fingered buyers, especially if they are creeping under paving or up walls.

Tidy up: Pack away children’s toys and bicycles – you want to attract all types of buyers, not just families. Rubbish bins, compost heaps and oil tanks should be kept out of sight behind a trellis or tucked away in a corner.

Ditch the ornaments: Buyers might not share your fondness for garden gnomes or bird baths. De-cluttering the outside of your house is just as important as the inside and will have the effect of making your garden seem larger.

Create an outdoor living space: Clean up decking, terraces and patios and remove any slippery mosses or lichens. If you packed your barbecue and garden furniture away last autumn, give it a scrub and put it on display. A barbecue and seating area will give buyers a chance to imagine themselves entertaining family and friends on a hot summer’s day, or simply enjoying a glass of wine on the patio.

Do some DIY: Give fences, garage doors and gates a lick of paint or wood treatment, and oil any squeaky hinges. Disguise an ugly shed with a coat of paint and a couple of large pots with tall plants outside.

Photo credit: Carol Bloomfield

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