SATAYATA HOME – Bringing Harmony to You, Your Home and Your Life


26 Apr SATAYATA HOME – Bringing Harmony to You, Your Home and Your Life


Satayata Home is a new unique global brand: a derivative of Satyata, pronounced –  Sa-tay-a-ta – Hindi for ‘truth’, ‘authenticity’.  Invite Jo and Lesley into your home and create both a space and an image in your property that reflects the true you.  Together,  as exceptional stylists and de-cluttering coaches they offer a truly TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE.

When people start to pack the first of the many boxes to move home they suddenly realise how much ‘stuff’ they have.  As you begin to  wrap all  the things that  you hardly use you will  start to realise that there is a reason why they are dusty!!  Over time our properties gather items that eventually encroach on our living space and begin to have an impact on how we feel about our homes.  As you are about to embark on your move and transfer to another property there is no BETTER TIME to sort and sift, clear and de-clutter.  Not only will you save alot of money in removals you will also be able to move into your new house with the items you love,  that bring you joy.  What a  wonderful  way to start a new stage of  your life.  ‘Why I didn’t have a good sort out BEFORE I moved I don’t know!  We have been living with these unpacked boxes for 18 months and they DRIVE ME MAD!!!  Jean was fed-up and frustrated with NOT KNOWING WHERE TO START when she called in Satayata Home.  See her testimonial below.

Lesley Beattie – offers an empathetic and considerate approach to de-cluttering.  She will give you a safe pair of hands to help you work through your  belongings and gently  guide you into clearing and sorting and freeing your space and your mind of those items  that are causing problems.

Unique in the world of de-cluttering making this an exciting and transformational experience is the collaboration with International stylist Jo Baldwin Trott of Colour First  Jo is an independent and passionate stylist who loves to help her clients discover a fresh and flattering way of style.   She brings her styling and passion for  colour to your home and  not only will help your sift through and re-vamp your wardrobe but she will  also introduce you  to and show you your ZING* colours – the colours that will make you look amazing.  She will  help you create a new wardrobe with your old clothes which won’t look  the same again!  She will sift through and help you create new outfits, get rid of the ones that  don’t work and give you a new way of looking at and loving your wardrobe.

Having your property de-cluttered and your space cleared  as well as discovering your true style is enlightening and liberating. The magical change will bring you peace, harmony and a new lease of life.

Lesley and Jo are experts in their own fields of home and personal styling. They offer a bespoke full day package involving de-cluttering, clearing and organising – you will be supported and guided at every step of the way.  As well as creating a new feel to your space and home, unique to Satayata Home clients, you will enjoy the luxurious experience of having a beautifully co-ordinated wardrobe, designed specifically for you.

It’s time to  clear the cupboards and move into your new property with a fresh look for you, your wardrobe and your home!  And you will have fun in the process, we promise!!

Satayata,  – a new truth, a new authenticity.  Join Jo and Lesley for a day and change your life forever.


Testimonial –

I have to say I will sleep well tonight!

“You were both amazing today. I was nervous and people kept saying how brave I was which did not help.  However at the end of the day knowing my ZING colours with a beautifully organised wardrobe and numerous boxes emptied and paperwork let go off I am so thankful to Lesley and Jo. I was lucky to have a day shared between the two of them perfectly structured to maximize the time we had.

I amazed myself and let go, with their help.

Not so scary and worth every penny. My husband came home and had a big smile on his face when he saw all the bags and boxes empty!!!!”

Thanks again ladies, great job. I highly recommend your excellent service.  J.Gibson, Consultant, Princes Risborough


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