Rightmove Statistics

02 Oct Rightmove Statistics

Rightmove is by far and away the number 1 property portal in the UK, with a constant stream of visitors to the site night and day.

Place maximise the numbers of leads generated for each of the properties we market (and therefore going on to buy that property) by keeping it fresh in buyer’s minds.  The figures speak for themselves: in our area we are the number one agent out of 32 who kept the viewer most interested in our properties.  We were also ranked 2nd out of 32 agents for our “click through rate”, meaning the number of people who like what they see on the initial Rightmove listing and then click through for a better look at the photographs and floorplans.

Best of all, Rightmove carried out a mystery shopping exercise in September, sending an email enquiry to each estate agency office and then monitoring the response times.

We are pleased to report that we responded FIRST, within 2 minutes of the enquiry.

At Place we miss no opportunity to sell your house and will leave no stone unturned until we find you a buyer

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