Online estate agents: we’re not bothered about Poundland selling homes

24 Apr Online estate agents: we’re not bothered about Poundland selling homes

Poundland entrepreneur Steve Smith has set up an online estate agency called – offering a cheap service to sell homes online.

The company offers a flat-rate fee to sell homes online.

So, are we shaking in our boots, worried that the start of yet another online estate agent will dry up our healthy flow of customers in Buckinghamshire?

On the contrary, we’re expecting many more of these ‘cheap’ online agencies to jump on the bandwagon as they hope to make a quick buck in the future.

So, why are we not worried about Poundland selling homes?

A professional service

At Place Estate Agents, we realised that the market was changing and that we needed to stay with it and make the best use of modern technology.

We don’t see the need for an expensive high street office as the days of going into an estate agents office to collect brochures to look for a new home are over.  Property searches start online on the big portals such as Zoopla and that’s where we spend our money – promoting our clients’ homes.

However, we’re not in this to make a quick buck.  We’ve simply shifted our offering online. We’re offering the same traditional values of quality service, including professional photographs, accompanied viewings and top negotiation skills as you’d expect from a high street estate agency.

A better price for your home

If you pay an upfront flat fee – to an online estate agent to sell your home, what incentive does the agent have to get you the best deal possible? None whatsoever.

The same applies to DIY home sales – yes if you have enough time on your hands you can probably sell your home online yourself, but are you confident you have the negotiation skills to get the best deal?  At Place Estate Agents – we’re experienced, tenacious negotiators and we don’t give up until we’re happy you’ve got the best possible price for your property.

This could make a difference of tens of thousands of pounds, in our experience.

Competitive rates

So, we’re not cheap as chips, but that’s because we’re offering a professional service, including showing off our clients’ homes through quality photographs in the best places online.  But because we’ve not got the stranglehold of the cost of a high street office, we can offer competitive rates.

Market and area knowledge

Poundland’s founder Steve Smith definitely knows a thing or two about making money out of selling things dirt cheap, but how is that going to get you the best price for your home?

Does he have any idea about schools, planning applications and prices in your local area? How in tune is he with the wider property market? Now, call us stupid, but we think that area knowledge and experience of the industry is key when selling or buying property.

So, that’s why we’re not too bothered about Poundland or any other online agent at the moment – we’ll just keep doing what we do best – getting the best prices for our clients.

Find out what our clients say about us and contact us if you want to find out more about how we can help you sell your property or find a new home.

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