Instant Valuation

Are you looking to take out a mortgage, if so which mortgage is right for you, our independent financial experts can help you decide?

Finding the right mortgage can be as much of a challenge as locating your perfect property. At Place we stick to our strengths, so like to leave mortgage advice to an independent financial expert who can take the time to understand your requirements to help you find and arrange the best solution based on their years of specialist training.

Are you’re moving home, buying your first place, or looking to buy-to-let? Maybe you want to ‘port’ your current mortgage to your new dream home, or raise money by borrowing against the equity in your home for a second purchase? Whatever you’re looking to do, our experts can help you choose a mortgage that’s right for you.

How much can you borrow?
Our experts work out the amount lenders will lend to you based on how much you can afford, not just how much you earn. So they’ll consider your household income and then take into account any monthly commitments.

A wide choice of mortgages for you
Variable Rate Mortgages

Discount, Variable and Base Rate Tracker mortgages mean your monthly payments will belower compared to Fixed Rate Mortgages. Lower payments when you need them most! You can take advantage of some of the lowestmortgage rates around.

Fixed Rate Mortgages
The interest rate you pay is fixed for a set number of years, so your monthly payments remain unchanged throughout this time, helping you to budget with confidence.
Set deals for easy budgeting; do you have a specific monthly budget in mind? With a fixed rate mortgage, even if rates in general rise, your mortgage payments won’t.
Know exactly where you stand financially each month.

Flexible Mortgages
Flexible mortgages offer you the ability to overpay, underpay, take repayment holidays or offset savings to help repay your mortgage sooner.
Offset Mortgage
An Offset mortgage allows you to offset savings to pay less interest on your mortgage. Think about it, you could pay off your mortgage earlier, saving you thousands of pounds!

Are you about to become a landlord? If you are looking to invest in property that you’re planning to rent out, then a Buy-to-let mortgage is right for you.
Knowing how much you can borrow is worked out using multiples of your properties rental income not your personal income.

‘Porting’ your existing mortgage to your new purchase
Porting is when you transfer your existing mortgage interest rate to a new property purchase. This means the same interest rate continues to apply to your next mortgage.

Why would I want to port my mortgage rate?
If you are still within the promotional rate period of your current mortgage, you can avoid paying any Early Repayment Charges that you may have on your current mortgage.

What you need to do next
Our financial advisers will help you decide which mortgage options work best for your current and future needs.

Our experts are about individuality and a very personal service so they’re available to talk, 24/7. Meetings are scheduled to suit you, daytime, evening or weekend, before, during or afterwork, your home, their office or Caffe Nero – whatever works.

Furthermore, as our financial advisers are independent, if in the unlikely event you don’t find your dream property with Place, they can still advise you on any purchase you decide upon.

So what are you waiting for… give Place a call now to arrange a meeting!




Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other debt secured against it.

In general Buy-to-let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Our specialists don’t charge for client appointments, instead receive commissions from providers, which doesn’t impact on products or services recommended or taken by clients.