It shouldn’t happen to an estate agent

04 Feb It shouldn’t happen to an estate agent

The very nature of estate agency means that we are in a trusted position and with each viewing a vendor is inviting us, and viewers, into a very personal and private space. Most of the time life as an agent is fairly humdrum but from time to time we find ourselves in some pretty embarrassing situations!

For example, despite always knocking on the front door to make sure the property is empty, it has been known for vendors to forget we are coming and either be in the shower or in a state of undress. Once, during a viewing, Sarah went upstairs with the viewer to find a trail of clothes leading from the bathroom across the landing and into the bedroom. Red faces all round that day!

One day Jenny went to a house to measure it up and draw up the floorplans. The owner downstairs did not tell her that there was a relative asleep upstairs in one of the bedrooms. Jenny had to feel her way around the darkened room, trying not to trip over furniture and keeping very, very quiet.

There was also the very embarrassing incident when during a valuation a lady was being given a bed bath by a nurse in one of the rooms. The lady’s husband seemingly unaware that this was a private moment thought nothing of showing Sarah the delightful original fireplace in the same room. But its all in a day’s work and makes every day interesting.

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