How to sell your property faster

24 Jun How to sell your property faster

When you decide to put your house on the market it is because you are ready to move on to the next stage of your life, whether for good or bad reasons.

Whatever the reason you are selling, a delay is very disheartening so here are some top tips for you to get your home under offer as quickly as possible:

1. Research carefully the properties in your area in the same price bracket.  Nowaways you can easily find out sold prices too.  Price your property realistically.  Some agents will inflate their valuations in order to flatter you and get your business.  Ignore them and get yourself an honest estate agent!

2.  Present your home as well as you can.  Ask friends for their opinions on the good and bad aspects of your house – get them to be really honest.  A little bit of money spent before you put the house on the market can be well worth your while.

3.  Get a good photographer, and include some nice lifestyle shots.  You are selling an aspirational way of life, as well as house.

4.  Consider an open day.  This creates a sense of urgency in buyers.  Hold them all off until one Saturday then let interested people all view one after the other.

5.  Don’t automatically go with the person who offers the most for your house.  Look carefully as individual situations, length of chain, cash in bank etc before you make your decision.  If you know the circumstances of your buyer before you start the process, there is less likelihood of a nasty surprise later on.

With these tips in mind, it will not take long before you are enjoying your new home!

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