How to sell your home in autumn and winter

05 Oct How to sell your home in autumn and winter

Early autumn is actually one of the busiest times for house sellers. The weather can still be warm, children are back at school and everyone is back from holiday. Come late autumn and winter, though, and there are fewer buyers looking around. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a house sale, though, you just have to work a bit harder!

Sooner rather than later

First of all, put your house up for sale sooner rather than later. Only those really keen to move will be looking from mid-November onwards, because that means completing around December, in other words, smack bang in the middle of Christmas. If you can’t get your house on the market by late September or October, then early January is your next best bet. This is because it’s the time of year when people are most likely to decide to make big changes in their lives, starting with moving house!

Fresh air

On viewing days give the house an airing before prospective buyers come. On colder days we leave the windows open less and less, which means that odours tend to hang around. OK if it’s coffee and fresh bread, not so great if it’s damp towels. Bleed all radiators before the heating comes back on to make sure they’re all working properly. No buyer is going to appreciate shivering their way through a viewing. If you’ve got a real or gas fire get it going before viewers arrive. It may seem like a lot of hassle but it will pay dividends!

Dark nights

Are no excuse for not looking after the garden. Granted, some will visit after work on a weekday when it will be hard to see, but it should still be kept in ship shape condition. Rake the leaves, prune the bushes, tidy away all the outdoor toys. If it’s been snowing make sure you leave the snow pristine, it will give more of a romantic feel!

Clean & tidy

Now that family members have stopped traipsing in and out of the garden, it’s a good time to get the carpets cleaned. You’d be surprised how much dirt can accumulate over the summer. Early autumn, when we’re still likely to get a bit of sun is a good time to do this. While you’re at it give the walls a new lick of paint, or if you don’t have time to do that at least wipe them down. Snazzy up the lounge in easy ways by adding warm-coloured throws and cushions to make it look that little bit more cosy. On the outside, keep gutters clear of sodden leaves, fix any leaky drainpipes and attend to any other minor issues. Consider using stronger light bulbs for any areas you want to make spacious, and softer ones for the areas you want to look cosier.

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