How to declutter your home – and wow potential buyers

04 May How to declutter your home – and wow potential buyers

Want to know the top secret to showing off your property to its best advantage? Clear out personal belongings and free up more living and storage space. Tap in to your inner minimalist and follow this our quick guide on how to declutter your homebefore selling.

Get a second opinion: Before you begin ask a trusted friend to look around your home and tell you honestly what they think. This will help focus your efforts on the rooms that need the most work.

Do one area at a time: Break down decluttering into a series of smaller tasks. This will make the job seem less daunting. Try starting with a wardrobe, kitchen worktops or sorting through toiletries. But if you are feeling brave and energetic, go from room to room instead.

Sort into categories: Limit the chaos when you begin pulling stuff from shelves, drawers and cupboards by dividing your things into piles – belongings to take with you when you move, to donate, sell and toss.

How to get rid of clutter: Offer goods and clothing to your local charity shop or give them away on Freecycle. Convert clutter into cash by selling the more valuable items on eBay or at a carboot sale. Pack the things moving with you into boxes and put them into storage or out of sight of buyers. The rest can be thrown away or recycled.

Hunt down hidden mess: Avoid the temptation to shove items into cupboards, on high shelves or into nooks and crannies. Some prospective buyers will open cupboards and drawers, peer behind the sofa and under the bed and check out the attic to look at storage and other features.

Train the family: Toys take up a lot of space. Be ruthless and pack away or get rid of anything your children are not using. Stash everything else neatly in lidded containers and encourage youngsters to develop good habits and tidy up after themselves.

Store treasured possessions out of sight: Clearing out your home doesn’t mean you have to part with all your favourite trinkets and keepsakes. Just pack them together in a special box rather than leaving them scattered around the house. Not everyone will treasure the African curios you collected during your gap year.

Get family and friends involved: An extra pair of hands makes the process easier – and dare I say – fun. Pop on a playlist of favourite tunes and take regular tea and cake breaks and before you know it your home will be clutter free.

Call in the professionals: If you are short of time or feeling overwhelmed by the chaos, enlist the help of a professional organiser who will set you on the right track and help get your home ready for the market.

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