Home security tips: How to keep your home safe this summer

12 Aug Home security tips: How to keep your home safe this summer

Summer is here and the living is easy – and so is stealing from your home.

 Every summer Thames Valley Police launches a summer safety campaign to remind homeowners to take care of their homes and their valuables. This is because burglaries and thefts increase nationwide in the warmer weather.


Because in the summer we are much more likely to leave windows unlocked (because we use them a lot), and we’re more likely to leave the front door unlocked, especially if we’re in the garden. In around 25 percent of break-ins that take place in the summer months, entry is gained through insecure windows and doors, especially at the rear of the property. Many occur where a valuable item is left within reach from a window (car keys or a radio, for instance).


However, these instances can very easily be prevented with some simple steps:

The Police urge homeowners to:

  • Not leave valuables or car keys by open windows and doors and to mark valuables with a postcode using ultra-violet pens, forensic marking such as Selecta DNA or Smartwater, or engravers.

•      To lock all doors and close windows even if in the garden


•      To double lock doors using the key and make sure windows are closed even if just popping out.


•      To not leave garden tools, ladders and so on easily accessible in the garden, because these could be used to break in, and to make sure the shed is secure.

If going on holiday, homeowners should also take steps to make sure their home is left undisturbed by:

  • Asking a neighbour to park on your drive, put bins out (and back in again) in and to keep an eye on the place


  • Setting time switches for lights


  • Cancelling all milk and newspaper deliveries


  • Mowing lawns and trimming plants before leaving


  • Setting a burglar alarm


Valuables in the home

According to new research by AA Home Insurance, a whopping 85% of homeowners don’t keep their valuables in a safe place within their home.

The value of our most expensive possessions averages out at around £4,000 for most of us, or over £10,000 for around ten per cent of us.

Much of that comprises jewellery. According to the survey, most people choose to use a jewellery box or bedside cabinet in which to keep their jewellery, although more than a third (36%) say they don’t even attempt to hide their most precious possessions.

These should be kept in a safe, along with important documents such as passports. Not only will they be kept hidden from thieves, but protected if there is a fire as well.

It’s useful to check your insurance policy as well, and to make sure that any particular item of high value is stipulated in the policy. Keep receipts and photographs as well in the event of it being damaged, lost or stolen.

For more information visit http://www.thamesvalley.police.uk/crime-prevention/home-garden-security/summer-winter-security-advice.htm


 We’d like to wish you a safe and relaxing summer!


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