Getting Ready to sell

30 Jan Getting Ready to sell

Selling a home is a pretty big deal. When you do take the decision to sell you need to make sure that you present your home in the best way possible to ensure you receive the highest price for it. It may seem obvious but you need to make your home look as ATTRACTIVE AS POSSIBLE from the outside. Like most things in life first impressions can make up a person’s mind within minutes, if not seconds.  You don’t have to take drastic steps or spend thousands to achieve this.  First of all mow the lawn and tidy up the flower beds and footpaths.  You would be surprised how many people don’t think this is important but an untidy garden makes an unattractive house. If necessary you can give the outside of the house a fresh coat of paint or make sure that there is no peeling paint on the window frames and the windows panes are clean. Get rid of any rubbish and, if you have a driveway make it look clean and tidy, you will be surprised the difference this will make. It is important to create a fresh and clean feel to the inside of the house too.  If necessary start by giving the walls a fresh lick of paint, choose a neutral colour that is light to make the rooms look as big as possible.  However it may only be necessary to wash down your woodwork to make it look and smell clean.  Be aware that you might not be able to smell your pets but a prospective purchaser might, so shampoo your carpets and keep the pet beds out of the house during viewings.   Finally, have a good spring clean! It may take you the best part of a day but it will feel good to have a “de-clutter” and it really will make a huge difference when potential buyers are looking round.

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