Five ways to sell your home … fast!

11 Sep Five ways to sell your home … fast!

Five ways to sell your home … fast!


You’re not just selling a building, you’re selling a home. Prospective buyers need to see the wow factor straightaway. Don’t leave it to their imagination to work out what it might look like if they move in, show them!


  1. Look at your house as though you’re seeing it for the first time. Does it look well maintained? Does the paintwork look alright? Do you need to mow the lawn and weed the garden?


  1. Potential buyers respond better if they see the interior in terms of somewhere they can make their own. So make sure it’s nice and tidy and doesn’t have too much clutter. And remember, they will want to inspect your cupboards, so now’s definitely the right time to have a big cleanout!


  1. Not everyone likes animals, so if you have pets, make sure there’s as little evidence of them as possible. Make sure the bowls are clean, the hamster’s cage is spick and span, the fish tank has no algae etc. And make sure you hoover up all those pet hairs!


  1. This is no time for experimental decorating – it’s not about your personal taste any more. Paint everything a nice neutral colour so buyers can visualise themselves living in the house rather than spending their time thinking about how much they don’t like what you’ve done with the hallway.


  1. Lastly, make sure everything’s spotlessly clean. Employ a professional cleaning company if you’re not very good at housework. People will notice that dusty corner or those cobwebs on the ceiling. If they think you’ve neglected the place, they’ll be wary about finding more expensive problems you might not have spotted.



The chances are that you’ve been on quite a few house viewings yourself. You were very critical of the décor/cleanliness/tidiness, weren’t you? Make sure other people can’t say the same about yours!

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