Does your Home Look Good in HD?

13 Mar Does your Home Look Good in HD?

Many people are now viewing property particulars on 50” high-definition computer screens. This is a good thing if your home is beautifully presented and professionally photographed, but it’s not so clever if the photographs show cluttered badly lit interiors.

Some tips to help you achieve “the look”:

– If there is something about your house that you really love tell the photographer and ask them to capture it. Chances are it will have similar appeal to your potential buyers too.

– Make sure all light bulbs are working – especially low-voltage downlighters. If they are not working they’ll stand out like a sore thumb. Picture lights are very effective at creating visual interest – but again only when they are working!

– It sounds obvious but it is easily over looked – washing-up liquid, shampoo bottles, toothbrushes/toothpastes etc are best kept out of the way. An exception would be for more upmarket branded products or bottles which enhance the colour scheme of the room.

– If it’s a nice day open any patio doors to let the outside in and create a fresh and airy look. – Tidy away letters, newspapers etc, but quality magazines and coffee-table books can add “lifestyle” appeal.

– Remove birthday cards and invitation cards from mantelpieces and shelves. Also clear the fridge of fridge magnets and whatever they’re helping to display.

– Stock your bookshelves neatly and don’t use them as places to store mobile phone chargers, loose change etc. We all do it!

– If you have an open fireplace, when the weather is cold, light it. It creates a lovely homely feel.

– Consider using props to create “lifestyle” appeal. For example, a nice bottle of wine with two wineglasses on the kitchen worksurface, a bowl full of colourful vegetables or fruit.

– Plump-up cushions and straighten curtains.

– Towels look their most luxurious when they are folded on shelves or other surfaces. If towels are hanging on towel rails they need to be presented neatly. Towel colours should complement the decor. The bathroom should be sparkling clean!

– Fruit and flowers on tables provide attractive splashes of colour.

– Remove cat/dog bowls and beds/baskets.

– Dressing tables, sideboards and other surfaces should be neat and tidy. The less clutter the better.

– Decluttering up to a point is a very good idea, but the objective is to make your home look tidy but also homely and comfortable, not sterile.

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