Buying a House Checklist – What to look for when viewing a home

02 May Buying a House Checklist – What to look for when viewing a home

We all know that buying a house can seem a daunting task. As agents, it’s our job to make it that little bit easier for you. Many of our clients tell us that when they first laid eyes on the house they bought they just knew that it was “the one”. That’s all well and good, but buying a house has to be through more than the heart alone, a healthy dose of common sense goes a long way. Make sure you’re armed with our Buying a House Checklist before you go to a viewing.

Viewing on a beautiful spring day? Go back when it’s raining, even if it’s just to drive past. See if you feel the same about the house then. Similarly, if you’re visiting in the middle of the day, go back in the morning or evening rush hour, or school run o’ clock, to get a good measure of the comings and goings on the street. Go back on the weekend too, it might suddenly be full of children playing. Great if you’ve got some, not so great if you’re moving to get some peace and quiet.

Put your surveyor’s hat on: Are there any cracks in the wall, either inside or outside? Do the tiles look okay on the roof? What state are the fence panels in? Does the guttering look ok? (Another good reason to visit in the rain).

Get a proper survey done. Surveys are often confused with the mortgage company’s home-valuation – but this isn’t a proper survey. It may be expensive, but having a survey done now is a lot cheaper than thousands spent correcting a problem you didn’t know about.

Such a Damp! Check behind sofas for signs of damp. There are other things to check, too. Ask if you can use the toilet, a great way to check if flushing the loo suddenly unleashes a loud plumbing system. Do the light switches work or do the lights flicker? These things shouldn’t necessarily put you off buying, but fully informed is fully armed.

Sneak a look under that carefully placed rug, is the carpet underneath stained? It’s easy to sweep through a place you love the look of and just think, ‘oh, I can paint those walls, we can change that carpet’, but what is your budget? Can you afford to do all the things you’d like to? When you’re stood at the window enjoying the view of the immaculate garden, pay attention to the noise and whether you’d have to fork out for double-glazing.

Following our Buying a House checklist can help you find your dream home. Contact us or call us on 01494 873663 if you’re thinking of Buying a House in Chalfont St Peter, Chalfont St Giles, Gerrards Cross, Rickmansworth and Beaconsfield. We’d be happy to help.

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