Boxing Day Bonanza


05 Dec Boxing Day Bonanza

Get your skates on!

And know that you are in safe hands

You may think the property market is frozen at this time of year but did you know that Boxing Day will see the highest peak of searches for houses online? Do you want your house launched to the market on Boxing Day?

Is it time to look for your new home now the year ends and another one starts?

Be ready for the Boxing Day rush

What should you be doing in December with your property? Is the answer not a lot until January? Are you thinking – “Isn’t it best to wait until then…nothing happens anyway? Let’s wait until January and then put the house on the market”? Or do you want to take advantage of the Christmas surge of online viewing of properties? If you’re not on the market then you’ll be missing out! Our advice, book a valuation now and don’t miss out. Get your house on the market before the holiday season so you’re ahead of the game!

You can do an instant valuation which takes 60 seconds. Or call / email us to book an appointment for us to view and value your property.

We are able to give expert advice about the current market and what would work best for you. We take care of everything else and you can get on with Christmas.

Place Estate Agents are proud to be supporting William’s Fund, a fundraising organisation raising money for Childhod Cancer Research in Oxford. We will donate £50 to William’s Fund if someone instructs with us in December. Donation payable on completion. Thank you.



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