Best Place for Mortgages

27 Jun Best Place for Mortgages

Where’s the best Place for my mortgage?

Are you buying your next home, looking to invest in property or want to remortgage? Whichever option applies to you, the chances are you’ll need a mortgage for it.

Finding the correct mortgage can prove difficult and with hundreds of choices, it can be difficult to decide which one to apply for. The banks will not give you advice or a recommendation; they will only provide you with a list of products on offer, whereas a ‘whole of market’mortgage adviser can actually advise!

Not only do mortgage advisers have the necessary knowledge you’d expect, and help you to find/recommend the most suitable mortgage for you, they should also be able to talk through your application with the lender on your behalf. Why is this so important? Well, aside from saving you time and hassle by preparing all the paperwork for you, the adviser will know the borrowing criteria for each of the lenders ensuring that your application goes to the right one for your circumstances. This in turn will enable you to maximise your borrowing capacity, if needed.

Applying to the wrong lender could result in your application being turned down, and adversely affect your chances of obtaining a mortgage with another lender.

Things to consider when choosing a mortgage adviser:

Is their advice free of charge? Ours is!

Will they have access to mortgage deals not available to the general public? Our advisers do!

Are they tied to a specific lender? Our advisers can offer products across the whole market.

Do you have to visit their office during their office hours? Our advisers will arrange a meeting to suit you, wherever or whenever that might be.

Does the adviser have references from satisfied clients? Ours do!

If you’d like any help with your mortgage, give us a call. After all, our advice is free!

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