An Excellent Feast Day in Chalfont St Peter …

24 Jul An Excellent Feast Day in Chalfont St Peter …

The summer is now fully upon us and the roads are noticeably quieter as the extra traffic of the “school run” disappears for a few weeks.

At Place our summer started with an appearance at the excellent Feast Day event in Chalfont St Peter where our stall and competition to win a large teddy proved very popular. Over 8,000 people attended the day and our pink gazebo really stood out from the crowd. It was lovely to meet so many people including clients and customers who dropped by to say hello.

The team and I really believe in the importance of getting involved in the local community and it is clear that our brand awareness and recognition of what we stand for is growing with every passing week.

Reputations are hard won and easily lost. Just look at the recent News of the World situation and of course, the infamous Gerald Ratner incident where he insulted his customers and destroyed his business with a single ill judged speech.

The property market is so important and affects everybody and therefore ensuring that you deal with people you can rely on and trust is paramount.

As an independent agent, our livelihood is totally dependent upon the results we achieve for our clients and we always look to go the extra mile by working longer hours and providing a more flexible approach that fits in with the needs of our clients and customers. This flexibility is enhanced by our online and personal approach to business. At Place we are not restricted by High Street premises that add nothing to the success of the moving process. Research shows that customers and clients want to do business at times and in places convenient to them and not be inconvenienced by High Street office hours, parking problems and the like. Our investment in technology and online marketing means our team has more time to spend working with our clients and customers to ensure successful transactions.

The current market is challenging. Press reports indicate that property values are edging downwards whilst interest in the lettings market has never been stronger. If you are thinking of moving it is vital that you get good professional advice that you can trust.

There is no doubt that, with the exception of the most sought after locations and properties, the edge has come off property values and a sensible approach to pricing is key to a successful sale.

There are less potential buyers in the market looking to move than a few months ago and therefore they are naturally seeking the best value for their money. Importantly, they are still buying and interest rates are continuing to remain at record lows, making the cost of doing so very competitive.

There are a growing number of new mortgage schemes in the market and with competition fierce between lenders for business, some highly attractive schemes available.

The lettings market remains strong although there are now reports of a growing issue with arrears. The importance of securing a good quality tenant as well as a good rental level has never been more crucial.

We expect the market to continue to be challenging for some time, particularly as the effects of the Government’s austerity measures impact more fully. We do however know that there will still be a market where sensibly priced and well marketed property continues to attract buyers and tenants and where good results can be achieved. It is rightly said that success is where preparation meets opportunity. At Place we are well prepared and we look forward to having the opportunity to help you make that successful move.

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