February 2015


16 Feb Estate agent mistakes – how NOT to treat clients

Like any good business, we often go mystery shopping to gauge our competition. It's a great way of affirming to ourselves that the way we do business is head and shoulders above the rest. We also do it because we like to get into your shoes as a buyer or seller and keep our finger on the pulse of your experience. We visited six high street agents in the local area. These...

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11 Feb House hunting: Love at first sight

Did you know that house hunting can also be love at first sight? According to a survey by Rightmove.co.uk, two in five British home-owners decided their home was the one for them before they even got past the hallway. In another survey, this time by ING Direct, buyers apparently spent 17 minutes deciding whether to buy a home. (That's compared to an average of 54 minutes choosing curtains!) The point is that...

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