September 2014

23 Sep House sale prices: factors that affect the value of your home

Imagine two homes that are exactly the same. They are both three-bedroom, semi-detached houses with a lounge, dining room, kitchen and small garden. They are only within two miles of each other in the same town. You would expect them to go for more or less the same price. Or would you? Actually, their prices could differ by thousands. And here's why: 1. Location "Location, location, location" is a familiar cry from estate agents....

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19 Sep What is a valuation – and do I have to commit?

Want to know what your house is worth? Read on to find out what a valuation is, and how can you get the most out of it. What is it? Essentially, a valuation will tell you how much your house is worth in the current market. How do I get one? The most informative way of getting a valuation is through an estate agent. Any agent worth their salt offers a free valuation with...

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16 Sep Creating your moving checklist

So you’ve received your moving date, you’ve started your packing and you already have a million and one things to do. With the best will in the world, even the most efficient people are bound to forget something, so writing out a checklist and, more satisfyingly, ticking things off once you’ve done them, is a basic necessity. Areas you should think about are: Moving How are you moving your stuff from your...

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