January 2013

30 Jan Getting Ready to sell

Selling a home is a pretty big deal. When you do take the decision to sell you need to make sure that you present your home in the best way possible to ensure you receive the highest price for it. It may seem obvious but you need to make your home look as ATTRACTIVE AS POSSIBLE from the outside. Like most things in life first impressions can make up a...

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24 Jan Sponsorship

We are delighted to announce that we are sponsoring a local lady who is training to run this year's London Marathon on behalf of William's Fund. If you see her on a training run give her a wave. If you would like to donate to this fantastic charity please go to www.williamsfund.co.uk...

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23 Jan William’s Fund

William Dodd was only 2 years old when he was diagnosed witih cancer, it was given various names as the weeks turned into months but they never found out the exact type of cancer William had ...

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